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While nobody wants to need to make a call to a Newton, New Jersey attorney anytime soon, sometimes that’s the best move you could make in a tough situation. If you live in Sussex or Morris County, you know we’ve got thousands and thousands of attorneys within an hour’s drive – many of them with famous clients who fly in from all over the world to get legal advice. But you also chose to make your life in this beautiful setting – and that’s probably because you prefer the simpler, quieter, non-glitzy things in life.

It’s the same when you need an attorney. You could drive all the way into the city, take an elevator up 23 floors in a glass-sided skyscraper, and pay thousands of dollars as a retainer for your attorney… or you could stay near home, pay a couple hundred dollars an hour, and get the same level of legal experience and knowledge from a local attorney.

What’s most important is to find an attorney with extensive experience in handling cases like yours. You’ll feel more at peace knowing that your lawyer has walked this path that you’re on with many other clients. It’s good to know that the pitfalls and traps that might trip you up if you went alone won’t take you by surprise because you’ve chosen the right attorney for you.

Personal Injury Cases

If you’ve been hurt on the job, or through someone else’s negligence, you are facing several challenges all at the same time. You’ve been injured, so you’re going through a tough time recovering from your injury – that can mean you’re carrying a load of pain as you try to sort out what to do next.

You may also be facing a mountain of bills and wondering how they’ll all get paid. Insurance is great, but it only goes so far – and if your injury is someone else’s fault, you may be wondering how to get them to pay. On top of your medical bills, you may now also have other unexpected expenses, and it may not seem fair for you to have to foot those bills, either. You need an attorney who can help you get the compensation you deserve.

David Dumbroff has years of experience helping clients with personal injury cases. If you’ve been injured, you owe it to yourself to find out whether he can help you with your case.

DUI & DWI Defense

Pulled over for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated? Whether you had one drink or ten – or no drinks at all, your situation is pretty sobering. You may be facing the loss of your license or even jail time. This is no time to go it alone – having an experienced DUI and DWI defense attorney is the best way to get through this awful situation.

Practicing law since 1990, David Dumbroff has represented many, many clients in their DUI or DWI cases. You can trust these years of experience as you make the critical decisions that face you now.

The Law Office of David Dumbroff in Newton, New Jersey offers experienced, affordable legal representation for all sorts of situations. Just like the general practitioner country doctors of long ago, there aren’t many cases we can’t help with – and yes, we still make house calls.

Family Law Cases

Family law includes arbitration and mediation, child custody, and divorce. No matter what your role is in the situation your family is facing, it’s important to get an attorney working for you as soon as you become aware of the problem.

There aren’t many other legal circumstances that get more heated more quickly than when it comes to family. It’s easy to make mistakes and missteps that can forever alter the lives of the people you love most. By having an experienced attorney to call on, you can avoid a lot of heartache just by knowing what to do – and not do – as your case progresses.

David Dumbroff is an experienced mediator, approved by the Supreme Court of New Jersey to mediate matrimonial matters referred by the Superior Court.

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