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Your Neighborhood Attorney in Newton

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If you’ve just found out you’re being sued in a dispute with a neighbor, or your spouse just announced that your marriage is over, or you’ve been injured on the job, this is not a great day for you. It’s stressful. You’re worried about the outcome, the expense, and how you’re going to get through this situation.

You might know David Dumbroff from the sidelines where he cheers his youngest son on during high school lacrosse games. His two older sons have studied at Marist College and the University of Rhode Island. Or, you might have seen him running along our community’s scenic trails – or walking around in town. This is your neighborhood lawyer, and he is someone you can trust when you’re facing a difficult situation.

A Small Town Lawyer Who Loves Helping His Neighbors

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Most attorneys, if they were truly honest with you, would admit that they hate practicing law. For some, it seemed like a good way to make great money or earn some measure of prestige. For others, even though they loved the law when they first got started, the pace and pressure of working in big firms has killed that sense of joy they once had.

One conversation with David Dumbroff, and you’ll see how different working with a local attorney is. Not only does he understand what you’re going through right now, he absolutely loves being able to use his knowledge of the law to help people. Even after more than a quarter-century in practice, he still considers it an honor to be in front of a judge, protecting his clients’ rights.

That David became an attorney is probably no surprise to people who knew him as a kid. His calling came early, when he was in high school. One friend or another would get summoned to the principal’s office, and would ask him to come along to help explain what had happened. Even the principal and other administrators noticed his early talent, and encouraged him to pursue a career in law.

An Affordable Attorney Who Meets You Where You Are

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Other than perhaps getting a Will written, most circumstances that involve lawyers aren’t particularly pleasant. In fact, some of these situations are downright awful. Emotions sometimes run high. Anxiety puts people in such anguish that they hardly recognize themselves. If you’re in the middle of a tough situation that’s nudging you to get a lawyer, you want someone who understands what you’re going through. You want someone who’ll come to you if needed, rather than you having to drive all the way into the city for an appointment.

David’s helped many of your friends and neighbors through some of the hardest days they’ve ever seen. He understands what you’re feeling, what you’re afraid might happen, and the confusion that usually comes along with legal situations. He’ll even come to see you where you are, whether you’re in a hospital, at home, in jail, or in a nursing home.

Learning and Practicing the Law, Close to Home


David Dumbroff graduated from Rutgers College and Seton Hall Law School. He has been approved by the Supreme Court of New Jersey to mediate matrimonial matters that are referred to him. His integrity and honesty have helped him build a great reputation in Sussex and Morris Counties. Judges know him and know his character, and his trustworthiness helps him provide the best possible representation for his clients.

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