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Looking for an Attorney in Sussex or Morris County NJ?

Thank goodness it's not every day that you need to hire an attorney in Sussex or Morris County. Life out here is usually pretty quiet and calm. It's not like in the city, where everywhere you turn someone's trying to stick it to someone else or sue someone over nothing. In Newton, it's different. We're neighbors.

Even in more rural areas like this, though, sometimes you do need a lawyer. You've got a couple of choices when a situation comes up when you might need legal representation. You could pay an arm and a leg at a big city firm - or you could get the same quality of legal advice for a price that you feel good about paying, from a lawyer who's your neighbor.

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Sometimes, You Need a Lawyer's Help


Maybe you're thinking about updating your Will to make sure your family is taken care of after you die - and that they don't have to pay attorneys a bundle just to sort through an extended probate process.


Maybe you're facing a divorce and could use some help protecting your rights - and getting through this difficult time without also suffering financially. Maybe you've got children, and you want to be sure the impact on them is as small as possible.

Personal Injury

Maybe you've been injured in an accident, and you just want some help making sure you don't end up footing the bills yourself - and that your pain and suffering isn't completely ignored as the person or company at fault avoids responsibility.


Maybe you got arrested for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated. You've got some serious concerns now, from losing your license and possibly even facing jail time. This isn't a situation you want to face on your own.

Criminal Justice

Maybe you've got a relative who's been accused of a crime, and you just don't know where to turn to get help for them. You need someone who's experienced with the criminal justice system, who can help defend your loved one in court.

When You're Facing a Tough Situation, You Want Someone to Have Your Back

In a community like ours, we know a thing or two about helping each other through tough times. In generations past, if you needed medical care around here, you called a country doctor and got a house call from someone you knew - not some over-priced stranger in a high rise. It's the same with legal problems. You want an attorney whose biggest talent is being a great listener - but also who's had enough experience practicing law in our community that you'll get the help you need at an affordable price.

Practicing law in Morris and Sussex counties since 1990, David Dumbroff has built an excellent reputation here in our community. That's why if you were to ask your neighbors for a recommendation, you'd hear his name over and over. Even some of the big, expensive firms refer clients to the Law Office of David Dumbroff. They know the truth about practicing law - that it's the training and experience that really matters - not the thousand-dollar suits or the fancy office space.

The Law Office of David Dumbroff

If you're facing a situation in Sussex or Morris County and feel like calling a lawyer sounds like a smart move, give the Law Office of David Dumbroff a call at

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"It's usually not a great day when you discover that you need a lawyer - but when you've got someone in your local community who's trustworthy, experienced, and affordable, you can know you're in good hands."

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